My fitness journey started long before when I was a teenager back in the early 80’s. I was a chubby kid with absolutely NO skills for any sport as well as being gifted with extreme clumsiness. You know what that means: never picked for any sporting teams and no girlfriends. Being in that situation made me a very insecure teenager, until one day I made a choice to get into shape, and with neither guidance nor knowledge I started! My very first workout was running. I couldn’t even do 1km (I remember people making fun of me), but that didn’t stop me. I kept trying, every day, relentless, determined not to fail my newly found ambition. I could feel how my physical condition was improving and my physique transforming. Years passed and being in University in 1985, a close friend of mine introduced me to a new sport that had only been practiced in Venezuela for just 3 years; TRIATHLON! After finishing our first race (Olympic Distance) I fell in love with the sport, and within 3 years I became one of the Top 5 Triathletes in Venezuela. During those years Aerobics was in its beginning stages. Through meeting so many people in the fitness industry in Venezuela I became an aerobics instructor. Since then my passion for Fitness and helping others has grown to a point where I want to reach out to more and more people to help them to achieve their fitness dreams and help make a true transformation in their lives…..


* 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as a Fitness and Sport Conditioning Coach, and Group Exercise Instructor

* Was a member of the Venezuelan National Triathlon Team for 5 years

* Developed intricate programs for NBA, TENNIS and RUGBY players, TRIATHLETES, CYCLISTS, RUNNERS and MUAY THAI FIGHTERS

* Created and implemented successfully the A.F.F.E.S. principle as a system to train his clients

* Active Yoga practitioner

* Lululemon Ambassador since 2009


* Fitness and Self Improvement, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela

* Triathlon and Nutrition, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela

* Physical Conditioning for Athletes, Central University of Venezuela

* Major in Structural Engineering, Santa Maria University, Venezuela

* CSEP Fitness Consulting Certification

* CPTN Certification

* Schwinn Cycling Integration Certification

* Reaction Cycling Certification


* Fitness Coaching – Personal Training

* Sport Specifics

* Group Training (Bootcamp)


* TOP 20 AWARD 2003, Bally Total Fitness

* ROOKIE PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR 2003, Bally Total Fitness Canada

* EXTRA MILE SERVICE AWARD 2004, Bally Total Fitness Canada

* ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2006, Bally Total Fitness Canada

* 100K AWARD 2006, Bally Total Fitness Canada

* PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR 2006, Bally Total Fitness Canada

* HEART AND SOUL AWARD 2012 – Ride for Heart, Heart and Stroke Foundation