Guillermo Martinez

Guillermo has been working in the fitness industry for the last 7 years and is passionate about his career. Exercise has always been a part of his life. From an early age, Guillermo was involved in a variety of competitive sports. Excelling in Track & Field, Cross-Country, Basketball and Soccer. Guillermo has a deep passion for teaching and educating those around him about Health & Fitness. His ambitions lead him to study at George Brown College and he earned his diploma in the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program.

Guillermo understands that a consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet are vital in order to live a balanced lifestyle. Guillermo’s objective is to make sure that his clients execute proper technique to prevent injury. By the end of each session his clients have learned how to begin and progress exercise to a level suitable for them. 

"I love bringing out that inner athlete in my clients. We all have it. We just have to learn how to program the right exercises to achieve it"

His goal is to motivate each client to maximize their results, ensure they stay positive and most importantly, have fun!

“Life is short and everyone deserves to live a life with no physical limitations.  Don’t cheat yourself and make the most of it!”